Event Power

We provide temporary, reliable power distribution systems for shows, corporate functions, weddings, public address and green field events.

When organising any event, the last thing you need to worry about is an interrupted power supply to run it. Whether it’s inside or out, in a marquee, on-stage or in a hangar, our team of qualified electricians will specify and install a safe and simple power solution tailored to your event and venue.

We’ll discuss your requirements, assess the venue, taking into account: accessibility, existing mains power supply, building sensitivities, space and loading requirements, before advising on the most suitable power distribution system and/or use of generators where appropriate.  We also supply cable ramp, which covers up any cabling which might have to be laid, in walkways or roads for pedestrians and vehicles.

Experience has taught us that every event, show or wedding is different so our electrical installation will be designed and installed specifically to ensure your event runs smoothly, ensuring all cabling and distribution equipment complies with latest industry standards.

With the most up-to-date and well-maintained equipment we can supply uninterrupted power reliably and safely throughout your event.  If, the unexpected occurs, our electricians will fault find to rectify the issue as quickly and seamlessly as possible. For those events run off generators, back-up generators can be arranged prior to the event as required, so we can switch from one to another where necessary.

Our team will also be on hand during the event to respond to any last-minute changes and when it’s over remove everything safely and efficiently.