17 November 2020

Reliable event electrics are so important on the day, and it is worth spending the time to make sure it’s done right. We hope this information provides helpful points to make your next event a worry-free success.

  1. PAT Testing isn’t everything!

    Unsure of event power regulations? The general rule of thumb is to assume that PAT testing is all that’s necessary to ensure electrical safety, right? Wrong. PAT tested or not, if assembled incorrectly, then serious faults can still be caused simply by a lack of technical knowledge by the installer – PAT testing is not enough. So what is?

    First and foremost, the best sure-fire way for peace of mind is to check your installers credentials. Suprisingly, there are many companies offering multiple services, which include power, who install with no formal electrical qualifications! Similarly, a standard everyday electrician with no temporary power experience is not necessarily right for the job either! There are many differences between temporary and permanent installations and both have to comply to a completely different set of regulations.

    For a worry-free event, we recommend only trusting companies with fully qualified electricians who specialise in temporary power and install to BS7909. This will ensure that both the equipment and installation will be to the highest standard.

  2. Back-up generators should not be overlooked.

    It goes without saying, but planning will only get you so far; the key is to prepare for the unexpected. For any event where power is an absolute necessity to run throughout, we always offer our customers a back-up generator for a small additional cost. We highly recommend accomodating this into your budget – it’s not something you need, until you do.

    Despite generators being serviced just before they arrive at each event, just like a car, engines can breakdown – sometimes with no warning. If there is no other power source available for your event, consider the implications of the unexpected happening! If offsite repairs are necessary or if it is a few hours before the issue is resolved, the delay can put a complete stop to your power dependant event.

    With a back-up generator, at any sign of an issue your electrician can smoothly transition over with minimal interruption to your event. It is worth noting that most companies charge a much lower rate for a back-up generator.

  3. Always over allow for power requirements.

    This has been an issue at nearly every event we have done, but luckily we always come prepared to work around any unexpected additions. However, some companies might not be quite as organised.

    The most common area this comes into play is with caterers and stall holders. When events charge an amount per power supply, sometimes stall holders don’t fully understand what appliances draw in terms of electric. So, when they arrive they try and draw more than they have been allocated; subsequently causing their power to go off. We recommend always over allowing for power as you never know when you’ll need it.
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